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2Human Rights IssuesAn article about the vision of Uncle Joe Tassil and the transformation of Oahu Community Correctional Center into a pu’uhonua (place of peace and safety) to address the mass incarceration of Native Hawaiians in Hawaii’s criminal justice system.6Middle East Political Social IssuesTrump Betrays the Kurds in Syria and Iraqby perrya 33 hours agoWithout any consultation among Trump’s professional military advises or Republican senators, Trump withdraws American troops against all advice not to. These groups have an explicit political/economic agenda. Sometimes it only takes one person to make a difference that impacts us all.3True CrimesForced Lies: The True Story of Michael Croweby Kim Bryan 2 years ago”I think if I live to be a hundred, I wouldn’t be able to tell you everything that happened that night.” Convicted murderer Darlie Routier, on the witness stand at her trial.You’ve been lied to.

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